MOTHER (alternate)MOTHERSome Other Mother (video still)MOTHER (detail)SMOTHER (installation view)FEARS INTO YOU

Produced for a 2012 Solo Exhibition at Cohn Drennan Contemporary

In this work I address the notion of Mother-As-Villain, in which an overprotective figure nurtures to the point of smothering. She becomes an albatross as well as a life force, protecting us from danger, but also sheltering us from life. Drawing inspiration from films like "Carrie" and "Grey Gardens," as well as Pink Floyd's "The Wall," I explore the guilt that mothers can induce as we grow independent from hem and the validity and simultaneous absurdity of the overprotectiveness mothers can feel toward their children.

In the video "Some Other Mother" I explore the anxiety and shortcomings of a new mother and her transformation into the role of motherhood.